2023 2 Final Project Currency Conversion Resource Appendix A Due Date Day 7 Individual forum Consolidate all

Science 2023 IT 210 Final Project Currency Conversion (attached answer)

2023 2 Final Project Currency Conversion Resource Appendix A Due Date Day 7 Individual forum Consolidate all

2. Final Project: Currency Conversion

• Resource: Appendix A

• Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum

• Consolidate all the sections of the Currency Conversion development documentation:

requirements, design, and testing.

• Incorporate any changes recommended by the instructor.

• Post the assignment as an attachment.


Axia College Material

Appendix A


Final Project Overview and Timeline


Final Project Overview

The final project consists of a currency conversion application. This application—similar to simple, practical programs on many travel or financial Web sites—includes the following elements:


·         Complete requirements analysis

·         Design

·         Verification

·         Validation and test documentation


The Currency Conversion application is a menu-driven program that allows users to select one of five international currency types, input the amount of a foreign currency, and then convert the foreign currency to dollars. The program displays the equivalent dollar amount and returns the user to the menu until he or she enters another conversion or quits the program.

International currency type (menu selection)

·         Canadian dollars     (rate: 1 U.S. dollar = 1.4680 Canadian dollars)

·         Mexican pesos        (rate: 1 U.S. dollar = 9.5085 pesos)

·         English pounds       (rate: 1.6433 U.S. dollars = 1 pound)

·         Japanese yen          (rate: 1 U.S. dollar = 104.9200 yen)

·         French francs          (rate: 1 U.S. dollar =  6.2561 francs)

Final Project Timeline

You should budget your time wisely and work on your project throughout the course. As outlined below, some CheckPoints and assignments in the course are designed to assist you in creating your final project. If you complete your course activities and use the feedback provided by the instructor, you will be on the right track to complete your project successfully.

¨  Suggested in Week One: Read Appendix A regarding the final project overview and timeline.

¨  Due in Week Two: Application-Level Requirements

¨  Due in Week Four: Currency Conversion Design

¨  Due in Week Six: Currency Conversion Test Procedure

¨  Suggested in Week Seven: Based on feedback from your instructor, begin revising the completed draft of the Currency Conversion final project.

¨  Suggested in Week Eight: Continue revising the completed draft of your project.

¨  Due in Week Nine: Final project


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