2023 Final Research Project Project Description and Scoring Guide Overview You have been asked by the executive

Science 2023 IT 210 Final paper (answer attached)

2023 Final Research Project Project Description and Scoring Guide Overview You have been asked by the executive

Final Research Project: Project Description and Scoring Guide






You have been asked by the executive committee of your company to research a technology that addresses a specific business issue within your company and to write a report on the technology solution for the executive management team, giving the strategic implications of the information technology solution on your business for the next three years.  The executive committee has identified a number of potential research topics (not intended to be all inclusive) that include:



The Internet




Web Site Development


Social Networking

IS Management




Value Chains

Systems Integrators

Corporate Applications

Executive Support Systems

Expert Systems and Intelligent Techniques

Decision Support Systems

Transaction Processing Systems

Knowledge Management Systems

Group Collaboration Systems


Telecommunications and Networks

Client/Server Processing

Local Area Networks

Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing


Internet Search Engines

Wireless Applications

Virtual Private Networks

IS Acquisitions

Cost Justification

Systems Development Life Cycle


Weighted Criteria Analysis




Oracle-People Soft



Mergers & Acquisitions


Computer Ethics

Virtual Reality



Data Security

International Issues

Computer Based Learning


Multicore processors


Wireless Handhelds

On-Demand Computing

Open Source Software

Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture

End User Software/Applications


Data Mining

Enterprise Applications

Project Management










To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to apply what you have learned in this course and should include several of the following course and module objectives:

List the various ways technology is being used in design, manufacturing, sales, logistics and distribution

Identify and explain various business models used by technology driven companies and how they have changed the competitive landscape

List and describe ways organizations have gained scale advantages with technology in terms of distribution, customer base, and data assets

List and analyze Web 2.0 tools and trends and how they differ from Web 1.0

Comprehend the benefits of wikis, feeds, and blogs and how organizations can leverage them to their advantage

Recognize the impact that collaboration, social media, and peer production systems have on organizations and bands of users

List and describe the infrastructure components associated with using the internet

Analyze data issues in an organization and examine how various database structures are interrelated, such as a table, column, row, and key




Main Elements of Final Product


Purpose of the Report

Background of the Company

Discussion of Current Business Issues

Research Findings on the Topic

Recommendations for the Executive Management Team


                                                               i.      Bibliography

                                                             ii.      Other back material as needed, detailed tables, extended quotations from which shorter quotes are taken, etc.








Final Draft (due in Module 7):

The paper should be between 10  double-spaced pages (excluding attachments)

The paper should be researched with no fewer than five citations.

You need to use APA formatting for this paper.



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