2023 Please thoughtfully reply to at least two other students due by 11 55pm ET on Sunday Your replies must

Science 2023 EDMG220 Forum #3

2023 Please thoughtfully reply to at least two other students due by 11 55pm ET on Sunday Your replies must

Please thoughtfully reply to at least two other students due by 11:55pm ET on Sunday.

Your replies must contain a minimum of 75 words.


Hello class! Having an Emergency Operations Plan is vital to any emergency planner. Every area’s EOP will be different because the hazards in each location are different. For example, I live in a small town Ohio. The hazards and vulnerability for our area are going to be drastically different than say, Los Angeles. The main threats identified in the county I live in are heavy snow, tornadoes, dam failure and flooding, energy emergency, and there is a significant risk of exposure to a hazardous materials release due to the concentration of chemical industries in the area (Lucas County Emergency Management Agency, 2017). The entire county is also in the plume pathway zone of two nuclear power facilities that would cause harmful radiation exposure if an accident occurred.

For my area, the Emergency Support Function EOP format is the best option. This consists of the basic plan, emergency support function annexes, support annexes, and hazard specific annexes (FEMA, 2010). This format is able to be changed to fit the hazards and situations specific to my area. The emergency planners can outline the emergency support functions that would be activated during those specific emergencies I mentioned earlier (FEMA, 2010). When I actually looked up the EOP for my area, it in fact did utilize this format. This is not the most common format, which is the traditional functional, but this is the format that works best for this area.

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Good Day Class,

For my local area the best suited Emergency operations plan (EOP) format would be “A standard format for the Basic Plan, functional annexes, and hazard specific appendices that  make the EOP easier to use. The parts of an EOP can be structured around the problem to be solved, the objective to be attained, or the task to be performed: (FEMA SLG 101). As our local emergency management agencies (LEMAs) In the Aurora/Denver metro area have very well established horizontal and vertical linkages, with State, and Federal agencies due to the large number of mass Shootings, and federal building. 

Additional assets that can support the response to any disaster/emergency is the city of aurora has geographic presence in three separate counties that have fully developed Emergency Preparedness assets in the way of Fire, Law Enforcement and EMS. Purpose, Situation and Assumptions, Concept of Operations, Assignment of Responsibilities, Administration and Logistics, Plan Development and Maintenance, and Authorities and References. (FEMA SLG 101) will allow for quick and efficient plan implementation, however as every plan is only as good as the exercising of the plans, many times a plan is put in place has input from all relevant entities such as Fire, police, community representatives and local business, but is not maintained, and as any person who has been involved in an emergency flexibility and the ability for agencies to communicate and work together is key.

In Aurora Colorado the local emergency preparedness committee (LEPC), meets every other month for between 1.5- 3 hours, and all three county LEPC’s meet on a quarterly basis. All of the organizations listed have large volunteer populations and high tenure as they maintain frequent communication, training that is recent and relevant, and include comments into not only the Emergency operation plan, but also the Recovery operations Plan, and the Hazard Mitigation Plan, thus making these plans more effective and adaptable.






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