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Time and Stress Management
Managing your coursework and fitting school into your life are often the biggest challenges for students. Think about your week ahead and your top school and personal tasks. Answer the following questions:

You just learned about some basic time management skills. Discuss 1 that you intend to use for this class to help you manage your time and how you plan to use it.
Similarly, which stress management skill did you read about that can help you achieve the life balance you envision?

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Working Through Our Fears
When you think of successful people, you tend to focus on their accomplishments—with little thought given to their failures along the way. The reality is that those who achieve success also leave a wake of disappointments behind them. In the song The Measure of a Man, written by Elton John, one lyric shares a striking irony: “You [have] to lose to win.”

Discuss a time when you overcame a fear that led to growth or success.
Based on your own experience(s) and what you have learned from the activities you participated in this week, share 1      strategy that you and your classmates can use when encountering difficulties in your educational journeys.

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Being Financially Responsible
Being aware of your personal finances includes living within your means, understanding money habits, and understanding financial responsibilities. Completing all school and financial aid documents prior to starting class is an important part of a student’s academic financial responsibility. Instances in which documents are not yet completed or on file can lead to financial aid disbursement delays or cancellation of your enrollment.  Answer the following questions for your initial post to the Discussion Board. If you have already filed your proof of graduation, share your past experiences with your class.

How can you ensure forms like proof of graduation or financial aid forms have been submitted?
How can your Graduation Team support you through this process?
What is one strategy or tip to help manage personal finances and financial responsibilities?

Deliverable Length:  Main post: 200 words
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Congratulations, you are in the final week of UNIV103 and ready to see the course to completion! This Discussion Board assignment gives you an opportunity to reflect on your first course experience and to identify key strategies to use as you move forward in your academic journey.

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