MSc Statistics Past Project Titles

Periodic Autoregressive Time Seri

es Models: A Bayesian Approach

An Attempt at a Rigorous and Objective Analys

is of Individual Scoring Statistics in

the National Hockey League

Correlation Patterns and Multivariate GARCH models

Bootstrap for Time Series

Analysis of Teenage Fertility in Great Br

itain: Using Multilev

el Logistic Model

Detecting Discontinuity in

Temperature Series

Multivariate Multilevel Modelling

Modelling Seasonality in Temperature Series

Simulation Smoothers and the Diffuse Kalm

an Filter for the State Space Model

Models for the Periodic Variation in Ca

ncer Incidence Rates: A Review of Age-

Period-Cohort Models

Seemingly Unrelated Time Series Analysis wi

th Applications to British Measles Data

Comparing means of lognormal distribution

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