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Question 4

A VP for a large clothing retailer is convinced that handing out coupons to customers in the store will leader to higher sales. To test this, she has her sales associates randomly select customers to either receive or not receive a $10-off, today-only coupon. As each customer leaves the store, the amount of his or her purchase is recorded.

Complete the following:

  1. Identify the IV and DV in this study.
  2. State the null hypothesis and the directional (one-tailed) research hypothesis.
  3. Can you reject the null hypothesis at α = .05? Explain.(refer to table)

Question 7

A study was conducted on information retention in 40 students (20 pairs) after students conducted online research or watched a movie on a given topic. Students were matched on gender and age.

Complete the following:

  1. Compare t with the one-tailed critical t at the .01 α level. Did the students who studied online score significantly higher on the quiz? Give a decision about the null.

Question 8

Refer back to your SPSS output from Assessment 4 Question 3. Based on that output, what is the 95 percent confidence interval of the difference?

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