Children play group

1. Using Visio or another modeling tool of your choice, reproduce the diagram from  Figure 2-22. based on ERD diagram for children play group ( attached)
2. Click on the attachment to view logical data model assignment.
Logical Data Model
In a logical data model, primary keys are present.
In a logical data model, all attributes are specified within an entity.
Relationships between entities are specified using primary keys and foreign keys in a logical data model. Create Logical Data Model based on ERD diagram ( children play group ) attached.
3. Two sample data dictionary formats are provided here.
Decide on one of the sample data dictionary formats.
Use the logical data model that you developed in the assignment 2 above.
Identify the entities from the draft of your data model submitted from the assignment 2.
Provide a sample data dictionary of all entities selected for your model.

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