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Before answering the discussion question, review some facts about quadratic functions.

** The graph of any quadratic function is a

parabola Opens in modal popup window
. All parabolas have an

axis of symmetry Opens in modal popup window
. The highest or lowest point on the parabola is called the vertex. The domain of any quadratic function is all real numbers. The range is always restricted.

** A quadratic function equation could be represented in standard, factored, or vertex form. Each form shows a different characteristic of the graph of the function.

** You can convert from one form of a quadratic function to another. To convert from either vertex form or factored form to standard form, multiply and simplify. To convert from standard form to factored form, the quadratic expression must be a factorable trinomial. If it is, simply factor the trinomial. To convert from standard form to vertex form, you need to complete the square. Go through each step to review this process

** If you know the location of the vertex of a quadratic function, and any other point on the graph, you can use the vertex form to write the equation.

**Changes in the values of a, h, and k result in different behaviors in all three forms

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