According to a study by the American Pet Food Dealers Association, 63 percent of U.S. households own pets. A report is being prepared for an editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle. As a part of the editorial a random sample of 300 households showed 210 own pets. Does this data disagree with the Pet Food Dealers Association data? Use a .05 level of significance. Discuss how you arrived at the results. Think about how many of your friends or relatives are pet owners. Do these people seem to be representative of the Pet Food survey respondents?

Biblical Application:

We use confidence intervals to help determine the probability when something may or may not occur. Identify some examples of how you can apply confidence intervals (i.e. either personal or professional) to your everyday decision-making. For instance, what biblical principles inform our decision-making process or reliance on Christ as opposed to statistics.

200 to 300 words

minimum of two academic peer reviewed scholarly articles

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