geological dig simulation – Quality Paper Tutor |

geological dig simulation – Quality Paper Tutor |

You are an expert geologist at a job site tasked with identifying contents of a dig.

Complete the following tasks as part of your assignment:

Task 1:

You are presented with the following materials: water, beach sand, diamonds, wood, a vitamin pill, a gold nugget, a fishbone, and an emerald.

Explain in 175 to 350 words whether each material item should be classified as a mineral and why.

Task 2:

You’ve been asked to determine how old the rock formations are in the area.

Describe in 175 to 350 words how you would find the age of rock formations in the area using the rock formations and rocks at the job site.

Task 3:

One of the excavators at the job site asks you to explain more about the rock cycle.

Summarize in no more than 350 words how the hydrologic cycle and the tectonic cycle both power the rock cycle. How are the three interconnected and related?

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