Having a baby: Is it really all fun and games???

As the text states, having a newborn enter the household can be a trying time, to say the least! Here is an activity/discussion that will help you gain greater insight into both the pressures of the addition of a newborn, as well as effective techniques for dealing with this pressure. This week you will:

  1. Interview at least two parents (they could be your own) concerning the issues that they faced upon the birth of their child(ren). This interview should focus on both the problems encountered and effective solutions that the parents employed to deal with the problems.  Regardless of who you choose to interview, be sure to do each interview individually and privately. Some students do the interview through Facetime or Zoom.
  2. Find an interesting website that deals with a circumstance discussed in one of your interviews and provide the web address.
  3. Share results from these informal interviews by summarizing in the discussion board.
  4. Share the results from your research and tell us what you learned.  Be sure to include the websites you used.  Note:  To add a web page to a discussion thread type the title of the webpage, highlight and click on the paper clip above the text box, and copy the web address in the URL box and click insert link.  
  5. Read your fellow students’ posts and respond to at least 2 students in the class in a meaningful way. For confidentially reasons please never discuss the actual name(s) of the people you interview.   I look forward to reading about your experience!
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