memo and oral presentation 2 – Quality Paper Tutor |

memo and oral presentation 2 – Quality Paper Tutor |

Access Global Issues in Context in the Lynn University Online Library at the following link:

Global Issues in Context (Links to an external site.)

Access the Conflict and Diplomacy (Links to an external site.)Topic regarding Drug Trafficking.

Review the Featured Content; Viewpoints; Magazines; Academic Journals; Primary Sources; Reference; News: Statistics; and Websites.

Select an article from one of the above resources.

Review the article that you select from the above resources and write a 375-500 words memo that explores the specific issues that are discussed in the article. You are required to cite the article that you selected and add a Reference at the bottom of the last page of your memo in APA form and style.

Be prepared to present the content of your memo 2-3 minutes Orally in the Module 3 classroom.