Ex of document:

C. (2 pts) Report the full ANOVA table for this analysis (including the p value from SPSS).

D. (3 pts) What is the critical value for this F-test for α = 0.05? (Be sure to state the degrees of freedom.)

E. (2 pts) Based on this critical value, should you reject or fail to reject the omnibus null hypothesis? Why or why not? In plain English, say substantively what the result means.

F. (7 pts) By hand, perform a planned comparison (α = 0.05) between the “placebo” condition and the “20 mg” condition. State the null and alternative hypotheses, calculate tobt by hand (show your work!), report |tcrit| (including df), and your decision about the null hypothesis.

G. (3 pts) In SPSS, do post hoc comparisons using Tukey’s HSD with α = 0.05. Report which means are reliably different.

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