Poetry Essay

850 word poetry essay and my teacher didn’t assign a question but gave us a format to follow of stuff the essay should have in it! I can send the poem i want to do it on later!

This is how my teacher wants it structured which is easier then a normal formatted essay!

-G.C. > T.V.
-General Claim > True and Verifiable
-Introduce the object of study
-Thesis: is an If-then Statement (If one looks at dotted with a view of ethnicity, THEN .
-Reword the questions
-Introduce the theme early on.
-Methodology: Specifically what and how you re going to be looking at it
Statement of Purpose (what you hope your essay will show): Tell readers what they are gonna read and what I hope to show or do for the reader
– Reveal something about the poem!!

Body Paragraph:
1. Topic Sentence
2. Examples:
3. Analysis of examples
– While there are many figurative devices that are used in this poem,
-No personal eye in body paragraphs (as one can see) <- don’t use this
-A paragraph is a coherent unit of meaning 
Quotations: _____ / _____ / _____ means three lines of poetry
          (eliot, lines 17-21)
-Havent looked in the various ways how metaphors…

Is about your essay and dont restate your thesis
1. What did my essay do?
2. What did my essay find?
3. What does it mean? (implications): what does it reveal about the poem (even though it seems to be about it shows more then that
Discover and show something about the poem! not about life or morality, strictly the poem

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