You will be flipping a coin and recording the outcomes. You need to consider a few questions as

you do this experiment. Be sure to include your answers to the following questions in your


 How was the coin flipped?

 Which side was facing up?

 What occurs if you drop the coin? Count it as it falls or re-flip?

You will be collecting the data in numerical format to present information of the outcomes. You

should toss the coin at least 40 times. As you flip the coin, use the following table to record the

data. In the Total number of Heads column, you will keep a running total of heads from the

“Outcome H or T” column. For each row, the % Heads is calculated by dividing the number in

the Total number of Heads column by the Trial number.

Trial Number Start up – H or T Outcome H or T Total number of


Please see attached document

Must be APA format

Please include references

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