Hello there, I will really need help from someone to take my quizzes in mymathlab that will be due July 1st and 10th at 11:30pm central standard time. The quizzes start from Quiz 8 (Double Int over Rect and Gen Regions) , Quiz 9 (Area by Double Int, Surface Area), Quiz 10 Quiz 10 (Double Int in Polar, Triple Int, Moments), Quiz 11 (Cylindrical, Spherical, Substitution), Quiz 12 (Line Integrals, Vector Fields), Quiz 13 (Conserv VF, Potential, Greens, Surface Int) and Quiz 14 (Stokes Thm, Divergence Thm). Some of the Quizzes questions composes of 4,5 ,6 and 3 questions and some of the quizzes have 3,4 ,5 and 6 attempts and are all timed. details will be given later. Thank you

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