Week 3 Assignment Question 1 Seventy percent of the students applying to a university are accepted. Using the binomial probability tables or Excel, what is the probability that among the next 18 applicants: 1.At least 6 will be accepted? 2.Exactly 10 will be accepted? 3.Exactly 5 will be rejected? 4.Fifteen or more will be accepted? 5.Determine the expected number of acceptances. 6.Compute the standard deviation. Question 2 Scores on a recent national statistics exam were normally distributed with a mean of 80 and a standard deviation of 6. 1.What is the probability that a randomly selected exam will have a score of at least 71? 2.What percentage of exams will have scores between 89 and 92? 3.If the top 2.5% of test scores receive merit awards, what is the lowest score eligible for an award?

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