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Objective: to learn about and write on one of the Research Project prompts/questions.

Deadline: there are two deadlines for this assignment (Thursday for your initial post, and Saturday for your two replies)

Points: 5 for your response; 2 total for your replies.


  1. Listen to, read, and watch all of the resources listed below. 
  2. Then, you will write a minimum one-page post to the above questions, due by Thursday. Your post may refer back to any one or more of these sources or may be about other news stories, personal experiences, hypothetical situations, and so forth.
  3. Finally, you will write a one-paragraph reply to at least two classmates in which you confirm your understanding of their points AND add either a question or a potential counter-argument. (This exercise requires that you consider a question or counter-argument even if your initial response is to agree with your classmate(s). These replies are due by Saturday but accepted by Sunday. 


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