Topic: Economic Order Quantity

Topic: Economic Order Quantity
Topic: Economic Order Quantity Determine the Economic Order Quantity in Excel for: Price of Product: $150 Savings Rate: 12% Annual Usage: 16240 Cost of transportation: $200/order Cost of PO preparation: $60/order Warehouse Rental: $8/piece Topic: Linear Programming Develop problem 1 of chapter 8 using excel or by hand. You need to present the objective and constraints equations. No need to solve it.
Problem 1
The Waikiki Enterprise Corporation produces two types of computers at its manufacturing plant in Torrance, California. Profit on computer A is $900 per unit and for computer B it is $600. The manufacturing plant can produce not more than 50 of computer A and 100 of computer B a day. The following table displays the capacity for the manufacturing plant.

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