Download the file unit 11_SPSSHW8_data_chi-square.sav. For this assignment, you will investigate claims of discrimination within an (imaginary) organization. Your task is to determine whether there is any evidence of a relationship between minority status (whether or not the employee is a member of an ethnic minority) and Employment status (i.e. variable labeled ‘jobcat’). In order to do so, complete the following:

1. Produce a contingency table (i.e. cross tabulation) for these two variables, showing observed and expected frequencies and row and column percentages. (5 points)
2. Use these values to write a short paragraph explaining what this analysis tells us. (6 points)
3. Conduct a Chi‐square test to determine whether these two variables are independent of each other and report the result. (7 points)
4. Save and submit the SPSS syntax and output files used to complete items 1-3 above. The file names should begin with your first and last name followed by the homework number (e.g., John Doe HW5.sps; John Doe HW5.spv). (2 points)

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